Väntade kullar / Planer/Planned Litters


 We dont have any kittens at the moment but we are expecting kittens , if you are intressted of a kitten send me a email for a request.


Planerad parningar/ Pland meetings

Late spring/ early summer

S*Labolina's Secret Love JW OSH n and Yamal Nice Landori OSH a 24

SE*Yngsjökattens Angelina OSH n and NSW NW SC UA* OriStyle Cappelano JW DSM

S*Labolina´s Totally In Love OSH a and Yamal Nice Landori OSH a24

Kometa Praski OSH f and NSW, NW, SC UA*OriStyle Cappelano JW DSM

In the end of the summer OriStyle Cappelano will be a neuter and live a happy life at our home

plans for the late summer and fall will come later



and some more plans will be done.










I kullen