F-litter. 5 Feb 2011. Siamesis Something Special JW x IC S*Labolina´s Count With Me

Sissi and Will have been parents to 3 kittens 2 SIA and 1 Oriental 1 girl and 2 boys. New pictures will come every week.

The names of the kittens will be

 Flying Fantasy.  Fairy Tail and  Fantasia.

From Above 4 weeks - stays with us

From Above

From Above 3 weeks

S*Labolina´s Fairy Tail  / male

Färg: Svarttickad OSH n25

Status: ?

S*Labolina`s From Above   / Male

SIA hane

Färg:Chokladtabbymaskad / lilatabbymaskad  SIA b21/ c21?

Status: Resarverad